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12A Wholesale + 5x5 HD Lace Closure

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This deal includes textures straight, wavy, and loose curly. Please specify in the carts notes how many of each texture you want. 

Upgrade your brand by adding real Luxury Hair Bundles to your collection. Our hair lasts YEARS not months, with proper care, making it one of the best investments you will ever make. We are offering 2 different grade types 10A and 12A. 

What is the difference between 10A and 12A hair?

 10A hair is good quality hair that can last up to a year with proper care and maintenance. It can be dyed and curled without losing its form, as well as, no matting and only very minimal shedding. This grade of hair is very soft and silky despite it being very processed. If you are looking for affordable hair to sell to your customers, we recommend this grade.

12A hair is GREAT quality due to its longevity. It can last up to 3 years with proper care and maintenance. It can be sold as Indian Hair because it is cut from one sometimes two donors. Since this grade is NOT processed, all the textures are natural. This one of the most common hair grades that is sold by big hair companies due to its great quality and low pricing. If you are looking to level up your hair brand, we recommend purchasing this grade. 

Where does this hair come from?

It’s come directly from China. We work with a hair factory in China and they provide our company with bulks of hair to sell. All hair has been tested before we sell it to ensure the quality is up to our luxury standards.

How long is shipping?

Wholesale orders usually take 1-3 business days to be processed and then it is shipped out via DHL Express or UPS. Shipping times can vary and depend on the type of shipping you choose at checkout. All wholesale orders require a signature. All wholesale orders are fully insured.

 How many of each length is included in this deal?

12pc bundles 4 closures

3x(14”16”18”20”) Bundles 2x(14”16”) closures= $1,675

3x(16”18”20”22”) bundles +2x(14”16”) closures= $2,025

3x(18”20”22”24”) bundles +2x(18”20”) closures = $2,450



16pcs bundles 6pcs closures


4x(14”16”18”20”) Bundles 2x(14”16”18”) closures= $2,225

4x(16”18”20”22”) bundles +2x(14”16”18”) closures= $2,475

4x(18”20”22”24”) bundles +2x(16”18”20”) closures = $2,925

Shipping & Returns

Please note that shipping takes 4-5 business days not including processing time. Free shipping on all orders $500 or all domestic orders.

Returns: Due to the sensitive nature of the items, unfortunately we do not offer any refund or exchanges.

Care Instructions

Use conditioner by Pantene

Brush hair from bottom to top

Do not sleep on wet hair

Wrap hair in silk bonnet every night